David Ashby Red Circle Solar

“Our business essentially involves importing manufactured solar hot water parts from overseas, these parts are then warehoused and picked/bundled together to make a variety of complete solar hot water systems when our customers place their orders. In order for the business to operate smoothly and efficiently, and for us to effectively manage complex stock equations we needed some good systems in place, but which systems? This is where Naomi came into the equation, she presented us with her selection of software options for inventory management, sales and accounting – we chose Unleashed and Xero, which weren’t the cheapest, but in the long term would save us the largest amount of labour/thinking. Our day to day business operations used to be slightly stressful, labour-intensive processes involving several clunky spreadsheets. Now we just use the software Naomi helped us choose and set up, and the business operations are very simple, bordering on boring, human error is very difficult, and we have lots more time to spend on the business. And what was the key for this change – Naomi Brewster. We couldn’t be any happier with her, she’s been there advising us and holding our hands every step of the way. She’s always been easy to get hold of, and always answers all of our questions. Even after the transition to the new systems was completed, we couldn’t let her go, so now she’s doing our BAS each quarter. Thanks Naomi – Dave and Luke.”


Frances Barbarich Fundamental Cleaning

“My husband and I run a small business that has been going for approximately 6 years. During this time we have done all our own accounting and bookkeeping. Well this last financial year we finally gave up and realised that we needed help. All it took was a phone call to Brewster’s Bookkeeping and Naomi started us on a process that has brought us peace of mind and confidence in the paper work side of our business. We have found Naomi to be very professional and patient with us as we have gone through a steep learning curve. I can without hesitation recommend Brewster’s Bookkeeping to anyone that requires such services.”


Matt Didcoe Event Staffing Australia Pty Ltd

“We were fortunate to be put in touch with Naomi by our accountant from who she came highly recommended. Since she’s started managing our books Naomi has helped us improve our entire bookkeeping process with a particular focus on areas that were causing us headaches including expense management. We had been using Xero before working with Naomi but with nowhere near the level of efficiency and detail that we are now – her interest in continuous improvement has meant questions we’ve had about other technology improvements to make things easier are met with great interest and research before we’ve even had the chance to talk about it in detail. I’m continually impressed with Naomi’s professionalism and would recommend her to anyone needing a technology savy bookkeeper.”  


Tommy Trinchi PTM Concrete Pty Ltd

“Prior to having a bookkeeper manage our accounts, I used to spend a day per week calculating wages and paying them out, and at least one or two very stressful evenings per month reconciling supplier statements and writing out cheques etc. Then I would need to gather all that information and pass it on to our accountant to prepare our BAS lodgments. Invariably data would be missing and I would struggle to remember what happened three months ago. The decision to bring a bookkeeper on board, who could set up an accounting system, set up payroll systems and run them and manage accounts payable has made a huge difference to our business and to me personally. We have been working with Naomi since 2010. She set up accounting software and our payroll systems for us and has maintained those systems competently, liaising directly with our accountant when necessary. Recently Naomi has dragged us onto the cloud, meaning that we are now able to get up to date reports, and more easily drill into detail of our financial data, including tracking job transactions and assessing job profitability. Our records are stored with the transaction and so no more trawling back through folders and folders of paperwork. Naomi keeps us compliant and reassured that things are being handled correctly and that there are no big surprises at the end of the month or financial year that need to be fixed up. “


Susan Marden Oneonone Children’s Therapy

“I first started working with Brewster Bookkeeping when I realised that I had to get help with my business. I was behind on BAS lodgements, the Tax Returns were overdue, and the ATO payments were behind. My business finances were in a real mess. Naomi took everything onboard and quickly got me sorted. Within less than a month, everything was lodged and the mess was sorted. She has set me up now with all the right systems and continues to manage the bookkeeping for my business. She is extremely efficient, and this is reflected in her very affordable fees. I am extremely grateful to have found Brewster Bookkeeping. It has saved my business – and my sanity!”

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