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After a review of your current accounting and bookkeeping situation, we can make recommendations that will improve your company’s reporting, classifications, and tax season preparedness. If necessary, migrating your current bookkeeping to our systems is as easy as 1-2- 3.

No Long-Term Contracts

We provide cost-effective, quality bookkeeping services on a month-to- month basis with absolutely no long-term contracts to sign. You can cancel our bookkeeping service at any time with 30-days notice.

All-In-One Bookkeping Service

We reconcile all your accounts (principally bank and credit card statements) and you will receive a complete set of reports including a summary, statement of cash flow, income statement and a balance sheet. Ask about our full service packages if you want to receive accounts payable/receivable, invoicing and additional reports that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your company’s financials.

Comprehensive Payroll Services

Need payroll help? No problem. Whether it’s staying compliant with state and federal regulations, managing payroll taxes, or updating payroll info in the general ledger, we have you covered.

Inventory Support

Do you need support to manage your inventory processes? No problem. We have broad experience with inventory and can help ensure that your inventory system is accurate and clean.

Workflow/Job Management

Do you need a good workflow system to help you track jobs, time and costs? No problem. We can help you access excellent and simple workflow technology to enable time tracking, progress invoicing, accurate quotes and job management in your business.

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  • “Our business essentially involves importing manufactured solar hot water parts from overseas, these parts are then warehoused and picked/bundled together to make a variety of complete solar hot water systems when our customers place their orders. In order for the business to operate smoothly and efficiently, and for us to effectively manage complex stock equations we needed some good systems in place, but which systems? This is where Naomi came into the equation, she presented us with her selection of software options for inventory management, sales and accounting - we chose Unleashed and Xero, which weren't the cheapest, but in the long term would save us the largest amount of labour/thinking. Our day to day business operations used to be slightly stressful, labour-intensive processes involving several clunky spreadsheets. Now we just use the software Naomi helped us choose and set up, and the business operations are very simple, bordering on boring, human error is very difficult, and we have lots more time to spend on the business. And what was the key for this change - Naomi Brewster. We couldn't be any happier with her, she's been there advising us and holding our hands every step of the way. She's always been easy to get hold of, and always answers all of our questions. Even after the transition to the new systems was completed, we couldn't let her go, so now she's doing our BAS each quarter. Thanks Naomi - Dave and Luke.”

    David Ashby
    Red Circle Solar
  • "My husband and I run a small business that has been going for approximately 6 years. During this time we have done all our own accounting and bookkeeping. Well, this last financial year we finally gave up and realised that we needed help. All it took was a phone call to Brewster's Bookkeeping and Naomi started us on a process that has brought us peace of mind and confidence in the paperwork side of our business. We have found Naomi to be very professional and patient with us as we have gone through a steep learning curve. I can without hesitation recommend Brewster's Bookkeeping to anyone that requires such services."

    Frances Barbarich
    Fundamental Cleaning
  • “We were fortunate to be put in touch with Naomi by our accountant from who she came highly recommended. Since she’s started managing our books Naomi has helped us improve our entire bookkeeping process with a particular focus on areas that were causing us headaches including expense management. We had been using Xero before working with Naomi but with nowhere near the level of efficiency and detail that we are now – her interest in continuous improvement has meant questions we’ve had about other technology improvements to make things easier are met with great interest and research before we’ve even had the chance to talk about it in detail. I’m continually impressed with Naomi’s professionalism and would recommend her to anyone needing a technology savvy bookkeeper.”  

    Matt Didcoe
    Event Staffing Australia Pty Ltd

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